Who are we?


Age in Spain – the first national charity in Spain to be dedicated to the welfare of English-speaking older people - aims to empower older people to lead fuller lives in their adopted country. We provide support and access to services to meet changing needs and circumstances, enabling people to help themselves, integrate into local society and to access available support  if needed.


We are a small, independent  organisation with a network of volunteers throughout the mainland, the Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands.  


We have been providing support and services to older people since the 1980s – first as OASIS (Overseas Assistance and Support in Spain), as Age Concern España, then as ACASA (Age Concern Acción Social y Asistencial), rebranding in 2016 as Age in Spain.


You can find more about our story below.



What do we do?


We are active in several ways:


  • Information 


We provide English speakers with information about all aspects of life in Spain so that they can make informed choices, understand what they may be entitled to, know how to comply with local legislation and integrate into their chosen communities.


  • Health, care, and wellbeing


We tackle loneliness, help people become actively engaged in Spanish life, and support people to live independently for longer. We advise on health and social care provision so people can access services and make choices about their later life in Spain


  • Campaigns, research, and policy development


We run awareness-raising campaigns and conduct research to make life better today and tomorrow. We work with other organisations in Spain and internationally to share best practice, ensure that the voices of older people are heard, and improve social cohesion and the contribution of older people in society. 


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Our funding.


We are dependent on public support. You can help us in our work by donating here.


We are grateful to 

  • individual donors

  • the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development  Office for their grant support of the Age in Spain Residency Project

  • the Soldiers Charity, Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund on whose behalf we assist UK armed forces veterans and their families in Spain

  • and companies which provide services to English speakers in Spain that aid their integration.


Our current supporter organisations are : 

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Our story.



In the 1980s, our founder Judy Arnold-Boakes and her husband Jim formed the first welfare organisation for English speaking people in Spain from their home in Mallorca. They had discovered, after moving from the UK to Spain themselves, that for some English-speaking people, life in the sun wasn't always easy - language could be more than a communication barrier and the loss of a partner or sudden change in circumstances could leave people isolated and vulnerable. 

They decided to help, and O.A.S.I.S (Overseas Assistance and Support in Spain) became the founding organisation for Age in Spain.

By 1992, the cost of living in Spain was rising rapidly and many people who had retired to Spain on a fixed income, particularly from the UK, found that they could no longer manage, especially when they needed care and support at home.  The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK charities brought Spanish and UK organisations together in a Symposium where Judy was a guest speaker. There was a need for a national focus to provide information and co-ordinate help.  O.A.S.I.S took up the challenge and in partnership with Age UK (then Age Concern England), established Age Concern España - a national information and support service, with volunteers recruited from throughout Spain.  In response to local demand, local Age Concern organisations were established to help connect people with information and support in their area. 

Demand for the national information and casework service grew, and in 2011 it became a separate organisation called ACASA (Age Concern Acción Social y Asistencial) as a result of a new partnership with Age UK and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


We changed our name to Age in Spain in 2016 to enable us to reach out to more people. Our website and Facebook page are helping us to connect with people who are considering a move to Spain, people who live in Spain and their families and friends. We work with charities and organisations in Spain and the UK. Together we combine knowledge and experience to help English speaking people in Spain and their families..

Judy Arnold-Boakes MBE. Honorary Vice President.