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Age in Spain Friendline.


One of life’s great pleasures is making a new friend – finding someone who shares your interests, your priorities or maybe just your sense of humour. But making new friends often gets harder as we get older. That’s why we started Friendline. 


Friendline is a telephone friendship service that connects people who want to rekindle the joy of chatting to a friend with volunteers willing to give a little bit of their time on a regular basis. Reaching out and volunteering for Friendline can give an older person something new to look forward to in their week and help them avoid the negative effects of loneliness and isolation or simply extends their social network.

Veronica, from Catalonia.  

Our Friendline Service lead

Make a new friend with Friendline.

If you live in Spain and you are interested in joining Friendline to receive a regular weekly call from one of our trained volunteers, then get in touch. You can use our application form at the bottom of this page. if you would prefer to speak to one of our volunteers and/or would like help in completing the application form call us on +34 932 209 741 (during our Infoline opening hours  Tuesday to Thursday from 11am  until 1 pm CET. 

If you know someone who you think would benefit then you can also contact us, using the “refer someone” link further down this page.

What's involved.

You’ve taken the first step to making a new friend. We hope that this is something that will be a really positive part of your life in Spain. Here’s what is involved and below you’ll find a link to register your interest.


What we ask:


  • You have a landline or mobile phone

  • You are able to receive a 30-minute phone call at a regular time each week 

  • You give us some information about yourself so we can find the best Friendline match for you (please note that this is a new service and it may take a few weeks to find the best match for you)


What we will do:


  • Find a Friendline volunteer that is the best match for you.

  • Train and background check our volunteers to make sure you have confidence on the person calling you

Please bear in mind that the telephone befriending service may not be useful for people with memory loss, dementia or mental health issues who need a higher level of support. These conditions may affect the person's ability to build a telephone friendship and, in some instances, could even cause distress.

Become a member

I am interested in joining Friendline and receiving a regular call.

Refer someone else

I know someone who would benefit from joining Friendline.

Become a Friendline volunteer.

If you are interested in becoming a Friendline volunteer, thank you. You’ve taken the first step in making a positive difference to someone’s life. We hope you’ll value the friend (or friends) you make as a volunteer, too. Here’s what is involved and below you’ll find a link to register your interest.


We ask that you:


  • Are able to make a call, through the internet, once a week at a regular time (we ask for 1 hour a week of your time) 

  • Commit to volunteering for an initial three-month period

  • Speak good enough English to be easily understood by Friendline members.

  • Are willing to complete online and on the phone training before you start calling for Friendline


How we will support you:


  • We will give you dedicated training before you start and ongoing support throughout your time as a volunteer

  • We will do our best to match volunteers with Friendline members with similar interests. We want to make sure you both look forward to your regularly weekly calls

Donate and support Friendline.

Friendline can be a lifeline.

Here is how you can support Friendline

Friendline volunteers are the people who make this service happen, with professional support and training from Age in Spain's small staff team. We don't receive any regular income for this vital service, so your donations really count in enabling this service to continue, so please help us if you can. Your donation really does make a difference. 


  • 7€ pays for one call to a Friendline member

  • 28€ pays for calls to a Friendline member for a month

  • 84€ pays for call to a Friendline member for three months.

Please give what you can. If you are a business, we would welcome the opportunity to show your support on our website.

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