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Healthcare in Spain.

Whatever your age, health and access to healthcare in Spain is one of the most important things when thinking about living here.


Whether you are using public services or have private insurance, knowing that your healthcare is sorted in the right way for you and your loved ones will help you enjoy your life to the full.


Accessing public healthcare in Spain

There are a number of different ways that you are entitled to use the excellent Spanish public healthcare system. Your options depend on your nationality and whether you are a resident or a visitor to Spain.


If you are a UK national these are:


  • Entitlement to Spanish State healthcare as a permanent resident

  • Registering a UK-issued S1 form with the social security office (UK state pensioners and some cross border workers)

  • Paying directly into the public health insurance scheme via the Convenio Especial

  • Entitlement to healthcare because you are employed or self-employed (autónomo) in Spain.

  • For holidays and other visits - using a UK-issued European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This remains valid until it's expiry date and then you can apply for the new UK-Issued GHIC). (NB.It is important to remember that the EHIC and the new GHIC are intended only to give access to urgent medical care for people visiting Spain. They do not give the right to access public healthcare for people who live here. Neither are they valid when applying for residency and needing to demonstrate access to appropriate healthcare.)


If you are a national of another country and you would like information about your public healthcare options, contact our Health Advisor for more information.



If you need a medical certificate for your visa application- we can help.

Read our Your Health in Spain guide to help you save time, money and worry. 


Private Health Insurance for English Speakers

Whether you are looking for health insurance as part of a residency or visa application or just to give you peace of mind, navigating the different offers can be confusing and stressful, especially if you don't speak fluent Spanish. 


Age in Spain can help. Contact us to speak to our healthcare advisor, with extensive experience of the different systems and healthcare providers in Spain.


We can help if:

  • You want to have a one-to-one discussion about your healthcare options - public and private healthcare

  • You want to discuss your private health insurance options before getting a quote or at any point in the application process 

  • You need a medical certificate to support a new VISA application

  • You are over 70 and looking for private medical insurance


We can arrange instant quotes and comparisons to suit your requirements, including the cover options if you are having trouble in finding a policy because of any pre-existing medical condition or your age and if you want an English speaking medical service or the option for international travel cover.

Age in Spain can also help you find the right healthcare solution for your public and private healthcare options. Read our helpful guides below.

Need help in deciding on your healthcare cover in Spain? Contact our Health Advisor by email:


Our healthcare guides

This is a selection of our helpful guides so that you can manage your own healthcare choices in Spain.

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