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Got a question?

Need help to know where to begin with a problem? 

Our free Infoline service helps you get things right from the start.  


With over twenty years experience of helping people who are moving to or living in Spain, we know how daunting it can be to find accessible information and the right kind of support just when you need it.


Our Infoline team provide timely, experienced and supportive help with a wide range of questions and problems ranging from residency and administration issues when living in Spain through to accessing services and welfare support in order to avert a crisis or dealing with change.


Whatever your age, wherever you live the Infoline Service is your first point of contact for one to one help. 

Our service is free and confidential. It is delivered by trained volunteers with the time to work with you at your pace and with the experience to help you, backed up by extensive information resources.


If you haven't seen our extensive range of Infoguides yet, take a look now. They might just be all that you need.  

Prefer to speak to someone directly?

Then contact us by phone +34 932 209 741 (see opening hours below)

Or email at any time

We are here to help you live your life in Spain!

2500 people

helped by phone and email a year
by trained volunteers
with experience and time
to guide you to solutions

helped with 

moving to Spain
later life in Spain
social care

leaving Spain
legal and money 
and more


which is: 
  • confidential
  • covers all Spain
  • completely free

Age in Spain Infoline volunteer
Please help us keep our service free for everyone  
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