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Living in Spain.

Spain has always been the most popular European country of retirement.  With over half a million English speakers already settled in Spain, it continues to be a popular choice for people of all ages.



Living in Spain brings together 

  • contributions from people in the process of moving and already here - sharing their stories about what it is really like

  • services to help you plan your life in Spain

  • links to more than 40 updated  information guides on every aspect of living in Spain

  • plus some fun opportunities to test your knowledge 


Support from the British Ambassador to Spain.

"I welcome the launch of this campaign which is designed to help those who already live in Spain, as well as those considering moving here.


"Spain is a wonderful, welcoming country to make your home, but it is vitally important that people understand what they need to do to live here, recognising that some things may be quite different from their home country.

"Do take the time to look through these resources, as well as consulting our own Living in Spain guide on"


Hugh Elliott

British Ambassador to Spain

Hugh Elliott British Ambassador to Spain

Living in Spain Quiz.

Have a go at this short and fun quiz, and see how much you really know about living in Spain! 


Are you ready to move to this sun-filled country, or should you do a little more prep? 


If you already live in Spain, you may have got all the answers right, or perhaps there´s more to learn!

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Living in Spain Survey.

Thank you everyone who participated in our Living in Spain survey during April, which attracted over 1200 participants. 

We are now analysing the results, to help us understand the needs of English speakers when they consider moving to Spain or already live here.

So we can focus our support in areas where it's most needed.  

Would you like to be one of the first to know the outcome? Sign up for our newsletter here!


Currency Transfers.

Sending money with a currency provider

Using a foreign exchange (FX) provider such as Currencies Direct can save you time and money. But how does it work and is it safe?


in Spain

Whatever your age, health and access to healthcare in Spain is one of the most important things when thinking about living here. Whether you are using public services or have private insurance, knowing that your healthcare is sorted in the right way for you and your loved ones will help you enjoy your life to the full.


Everything you need to know about public and private healthcare is here including 


  • free guides if you are already here, regularly visit or plan to live in Spain 

  • One to one help with selecting your healthcare options

  • free quote and comparison of private healthcare options

  • fast track medical certificate support for visa applications


Age in Spain can help you select the best healthcare options for you through It is a free service for English-speakers who live in Spain or have a second home here. 

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Legal matters.

Do you need a lawyer to help you move to Spain? 

We are often asked for recommendations for professional lawyers who can help English speakers with their move to Spain.  


We are pleased to partner with Claudia Font,  a Spanish and UK dual qualified lawyer, based in England, to help you with every aspect of your Spanish journey.


Whether it is for visa/residency related assistance,  property purchase or sale, power of attorney or wills, you can can contact Claudia at for a free 15 minute call and quote. 


Age in Spain does not receive any referral fee, though we do receive a small monthly donation from Claudia Font which contributes to our vital work in helping older English speakers in Spain (this doesn't affect the price of the service to you in any way). 


Read Claudia’s latest article for Age in Spain on Tips when selling in Spain here.

Claudia Font Gunner Cooke.png

Living in Spain - Useful guides.

Many people dream of moving to Spain in their retirement or to work. The great attractions are the climate and the Spanish way of life. Spain is a large country with vast unspoiled areas for those who want to live in the countryside and it also has modern, cosmopolitan cities. The country is rich in history and those with an interest in Spanish heritage, culture and music will not be disappointed. 


During this week we will highlight the many advantages and attractions of living in Spain and we will also draw on the experience of many who have already done this to provide informed advice on the pitfalls and challenges.


If only I'd known...

Heard that before? We all know about the benefit of hindsight. Read this personal story by Marijke Cazamier, Age in Spain volunteer and blogger with Europe’s biggest property agent, who gathered stories from people in Age in Spain who made the move. 

On this day.

On this day - a journey of culture, history and curious facts about Spain during our Living in Spain Week 21 to 27 March 2022.

Spain is a diverse modern country with a wealth of history, culture, innovation,  dramatic landscapes and traditions. Here is a small selection of interesting articles relating to the seven days of our Living in Spain Week.


Seven reasons.

Seven reasons why people live longer in Spain

People in Spain take the lead for living longer with an average lifespan of 85.8 years. The Japanese are famous for longevity in global charts. But now the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation shows people living in Spain top the longevity charts. What’s the explanation? 

This week Age in Spain gives you 7 reasons backed by science: a new one published every day. 

Read on to find out more!

mediterranean diet age in spain.png

What is it really like to live in Spain?

Does the sun always shine and is life is the dream you imagined?


We spoke to three people who volunteer with Age in Spain about their real life experiences and we share their stories with you here.

Kayte Locke, Catalunya

How do you get to feel at home and part of your local community in Spain? Kayte Locke has spent many years in Catalunya where she now feels accepted as part of her local community. Here, she describes the determination needed…..and the extraordinary path that she followed.

Victoria van Peborgh, Mallorca

When you ask Victoria van Peborgh why she decided to move to Spain – a long list of benefits comes pouring out! There is no doubt she loves living in Spain. Victoria who was born in Argentina and lived there all her life before moving to Mallorca in February 2020 is fulsome in her praise for her adopted homeland.





Gladys Brooks, Valencia

‘Get all your ducks in a row. Prepare in advance.’ 

That’s the advice from Gladys Brooks who moved to Spain permanently in 2012.

Kayte Locke photo
IMG_7498 (1).jpeg
RWLW8623 (1).JPG

Here are some more real life stories from people coming from all over the world to live in Spain.

Marijke, originally from the Netherlands, lives in Andalucia. She is a busy HR consultant who volunteers with Age in Spain in her spare time.

Kelli and Jeff, originally from the USA, made their leap four years ago, first to Valencia and then to Galicia, North West Spain where they currently reside.

Veronica, originally from the UK, is a well established resident in Catalunya, North East Spain who brought up her family here and runs her own translation business. She volunteers with Age in Spain and helps us with fundraising too. 

Jess, who lives near Barcelona, used to run Age in Spain’s Information Service.  As well as producing a wide range of information guides, our trained volunteer Information Assistants answered four thousand calls and email enquiries in 2023, to help people navigate their way around the complex maze of rules and regulations on living in Spain. 

John, lives in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, is a trustee of Age in Spain. He originally joined us as a volunteer Residency Helpline Assistant, which gave him first hand experience of the difference that Age in Spain makes every single day to so many people. 

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