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Living in Spain - Useful Guides.

Below are 7 categories of guides, on important topics to consider when moving to Spain. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our Infoline.


  1. Moving to Spain – or going back!


This set of four guides will provide you with the information you need to start to prepare to achieve your ambition of moving to Spain. Thorough preparation is vitally important. Post Brexit UK and other “third country nationals” can only be in Spain for a total of 90 days in any 180 day period. Longer trips require a visa. These guides take you through an overview of what you should expect when moving to Spain, and the things to consider before you move, such as the basics of language, the way of life, applying for a visa, bringing over your pets, customs considerations, and much more.


now considering moving back to live permanently in the UK. It gives information specifically about things to consider if you might need help with accessing benefits and housing assistance.


2. Work, income, taxes, and benefits


If you are going to work in Spain 

These guides explain the kind of residency permits you will need whether you will be employed by someone else or whether you will have your own business. It also provides important information on the Spanish Tax System. These guides  also explain the rights you may have to maternity leave and unemployment benefits.

  1. Working Visa

  2. Self-Employed Visa 

  3. Applying for Residency as a business owner (visa or arraigo route)

  4. Becoming Self-employed (Autonomo) 

  5. Maternity/paternity leave in Spain 

  6. Unemployment Benefits (Paro)

  7. Declaración de la Renta (Personal Income Tax)

  8. General Tax information 


3) Accessing Benefits and pensions in Spain 

These guides explain the Spanish system of welfare benefits and legal aid. They also explain that UK nationals over pensionable age who were legally resident in Spain before January 2021 may be eligible to receive Attendance Allowance from the UK government. There are also employment related benefit guides available in the Work, income, taxes, and benefits section above. 


  1. Ley de Dependencia 

  2. Disability Degree 

  3. UK Attendance Allowance 

  4. Legal Aid

  5. Retirement Pension (Non-Contributory) Spain 

  6. Disability Pension (Non-Contributory) 

  7. Widows Pension 


4) Healthcare in Spain


Having arrangements for healthcare in place is vital for everyone. It is also an essential requirement when applying for a visa or for a residency permit directly in Spain (you will learn more about the different routes to residency here). This series of three guides has been prepared in collaboration with Asisa Health Insurance. They are aimed at those who wish to live in Spain, those who own a second home in Spain and regular visitors.


You can find these 3 guides here.



5) Residency

Our guides to residency explain how you can apply to be a resident of an EU country. If you are a UK National and you were resident in Spain before the end of December 2021, you may use our guide to check what residency documents you have and find out how you may apply for a TIE card for your family members and dependents. If you have already lodged an application for residency, we also explain how you can track your application. We also explain how you can appeal if your residency application is turned down. 


All of our residency guides can be found here.


6) Circle of life Guides


We are sharing with you, what we like to call the 'Circle of life' Guides - a collection of guides on the administrative processes surrounded key life milestones. They start with how to register the birth of a baby born in Spain, to getting married, to what to do when someone dies in Spain. 


You can find more on these guides here.

7) Driving in Spain

To drive in Spain as a resident, it is necessary to exchange your driving licence for a Spanish one. Current regulations mean that any non-Spanish driving licence is valid for 6 months after arrival in Spain. You can find information on driving in Spain, including how to register your vehicle in Spain below.


  1. Exchanging your Driving Licence for a Spanish one

  2. Registering your vehicle in Spain 

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