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10 Warning Signs of Dementia (Video) - Shannon Martin

Shannon Martin has shared this informative video that discusses the warning signs that someone might be getting dementia.

Shannon Martin has her Master’s in Social Work and a Gerontology Graduate Certification. She has worked for over 20 years with older people and their families, in care homes, hospices and with a care management company. Shannon moved more into an educational and communications role in the last several years and started her own company, Style & Substance Communications. After falling in love with Spain on some short stays, Shannon and her husband always dreamed of retiring to Spain. After many years in Shanghai, China, their dream came true in October 2020. Shannon is enjoying all that Valencia has to offer and continuing to work through the challenge of improving her Spanish. Shannon enjoys traveling, food, books, podcasts, and volunteering with the Friendline.

You can also download the VoiceOver script for the video, below:

Shannon Martin 10 Warning Signs Video Script
Download PDF • 185KB

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