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Age in Spain celebrates Día de los Abuelos with social media takeover - 26 July

Pictured are Age in Spain staff and volunteers with their grandparents or grandchildren

On 26 July Spain marks Grandparents Day (Día de los Abuelos) and Age in Spain is turning over its social media for the day to celebrate the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. On Facebook and Twitter we will be exploring just what it means to be a grandparent in 2021 and a little bit about how the role has changed over the years. We will be describing the joys and tackling a few prejudices about grandparenthood. After 16 months when many grandparents have been isolated from their families for long periods of time, we feel that this year is the time to say a special thank you.

We are also inviting members of the English-speaking community in Spain to pay tribute to their own grandparents by coming to our Facebook page and sharing a picture and telling us just why Granny or Grandad was so special to you. Of course, there’s no single way to be a good grandparent so we want to hear as many of your stories as possible. You can find Age in Spain on Facebook at www.facebook .com/ageinspain and on Twitter @ageinspain

"So many of the people that Age in Spain supports are grandparents and so are some of our fantastic volunteers. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is so often something really special and we're delighted to celebrate Día de los Abuelos and to give people the opportunity to pay tribute to their own grandparents,

whether they are still with us or have passed away."

Age in Spain Director, Helen Weir

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