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Dementia Awareness Survey

Age in Spain wants to understand more about the issues facing people in the English-speaking community in Spain who are living with dementia. We want to hear from you if you live in Spain and have been diagnosed with a form of dementia, if you are concerned about memory loss, if you are an unpaid/family carer or if you have a loved one who has dementia or who cares for someone who has. We are also interested in hearing from people who do not have direct experience of dementia but are interested in the subject.

Many English-speaking people choose to live their later lives in Spain and, inevitably, some of those find themselves living with dementia. At Age in Spain, we are not experts in dementia and this survey is to help us understand the information resources and services that we should develop in the future.

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and your responses will help us understand more about the information and support people actually need.

It is important to stress that completing this survey is not a way to request or access support. If you are currently facing urgent issues relating to dementia we urge you to seek help through your doctor, local social services or local voluntary organisations.

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