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Exchanging your UK driving licence for a Spanish one - Guide

Updated: Jul 26

To drive in Spain as a resident after the end of the transition period (December 31, 2020), it is necessary to exchange your UK driving licence for a Spanish one. A UK-issued driving licence will be valid for only 6 months after the arrival to Spain (or 10 months from January 1, 2021). The Spanish licence will still allow you to drive in the UK for short periods of time, and it can be obtained in exchange for the UK driving licence without taking a test.

After the end of the transition period UK driving licences will be considered a third-country document, and therefore you will only be allowed to drive in Spain on your UK licence for 6 months or until October 31. More info here. If your license is expired, select renovación; if you lost it or it was stolen, select sustitución; for other cases, select canje. It is recommended to get a photocopy of the license verified by a notary.

Presenting documents at a DGT office

You will have to request an appointment at a DGT office. The type of procedure is "Trámites de Oficina" and then the "Área Conductores" section.

You will need to provide the following documents (always provide the original document and a copy):

  • Exchange request completed on the official form.

  • Personal ID and residence card: residence card and a valid passport.

  • Your current and valid driving licence to be exchanged.

  • Medical certificate/examination. Find here a directory of the centres.

  • Recent personal photograph of 32x26 (ID photograph).

  • Proof of payment of the tax 2.3 (28,30 euros). You can pay online here. It is also possible to make the payment when carrying out the procedure itself at the Traffic Office (only by card).

The documents must be presented to any Headquarters of the Traffic Office -Jefatura u Oficina de Tráfico- together with a driving medical certificate. It is necessary to request an appointment through their online system, and select the option “Trámites de Oficina”. Finally, on the next page, you need to select the Área of conductores. After the appointment, a provisional permit will be handed with a validity of 3 months. It is not possible to drive outside Spain with the provisional permit. The definite permit will be sent by post at the address provided during the application. Until the end of the transition period, you can still use your Spanish licence in the UK for short visits or exchange it for a UK licence without taking a test. You will be able to drive in the UK with your EU driving license until it expires, you reach 70, or until three years after you become a UK resident again.

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