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Health Insurance for English Speakers in Spain

ASISA has launched a Health Insurance Policy that is explicitly aimed at English-speakers

in Spain ( In addition to the usual provisions of Health Insurance policy, ASISA offer the following specific benefits for English speakers:

· All contracts and forms translated into English.

· English-speaking customer support teams may be contacted by telephone & email

· 24/7 emergency helpline in English, available worldwide.

· Ability to book consultations with English speaking GPs and Specialists in person,

through video-consultation and via Medical Chat App on a smartphone.

· A network of English-speaking outreach ambassadors in the community

The policy is available to people up to (and including) 69 years old.

At Age in Spain we are regularly asked to recommend an insurance policy to support residency applications* (and also for people who want the peace of mind of being able to access medical help in English) so we looked into what was available. We are promoting this policy because we are confident that this is what a lot of people have been looking for. However, here are three important things to remember:

1. For a health insurance to be accepted as part of a residency application* it must be WITHOUT ¨Co-payment¨ (ie no Co-pagos or excess)

2. You should always read the small print of any insurance policy

3. Yes. Age in Spain will receive a small referral fee (ONLY IF YOU USE THE LINK IN THIS POST) and take out insurance with ASISA. This will contribute to funding our work to allow older people in Spain to live active and fulfilling lives. NB. The policy cost if you use the link is exactly the same as going directly to ASISA but you are also helping us.

Find out more about ASISA Insurance for English Speakers at:

*Private Health Insurance is not necessary to apply for residency if you have access to public healthcare in Spain because you are employed or because you are of retirement age and hold an S1 form.

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