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How to obtain the Resident Certificate as an EU citizen

Updated: May 30, 2023

In order to register as a resident in Spain as an EU National, it is necessary to make an appointment online with the Oficina de Extranjeros -cita previa-, which can be done here. Select the province where you live and the option “Policía-Certificados UE” -Trámites Cuerpo Nacional de Policía tab-, and follow the further instructions. Completing this process will arrange an appointment at an Immigration Office or your local Police Station for a specific date and time.

When attending the appointment in the designated office, you are required to provide the following documents to support your application. Those are:

  • Census certificate (certificado de empadronamiento).

  • Passport and NIE.

  • A filled Model EX-18, as well as a copy.

  • Proof (printed) of payment of the tax 790 code 012. This can be done here. Also find the list of institutions associated with the payment of fees by direct debit system here.

Additionally, the following documents must be provided depending on the individual situation of the applicant:

If employed:

  • Contract of employment or proof of employment status


  • Proof of registration in the register of economic activities (censo de actividades económicas) or other proof of your employment status.

If not employed:

  • Sufficient economic means to support yourself and your family (bank statement/ certificate) (mirrors the information on our website to apply under the scope of the withdrawal agreement)

  • Health cover valid in Spain.

  • *Pensioners: provide proof of public health cover.

*Students must provide proof of registration on an educational institution as well as a valid public or private health cover and a declaration of sufficient means of support.

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