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Pareja de hecho (Balearic Islands) - Guide

Becoming a pareja Estable, also known as pareja de Hecho, is an alternative option to marriage for many couples who wish to legalise a stable relationship. It has to be noted that although in some legal aspects the Pareja Estable resembles marriage, they are not equal in terms of rights and obligations. We recommend you seek advice from a specialist lawyer to see if it is appropriate for your situation.

Balearic Islands To become a Pareja de hecho/estable in the Balearic Islands, you will need to comply with certain requirements first in respect of your partnership:

  • You must both be 18 years old or over

  • Not be related (blood relative)

  • Be unmarried

  • Having a census certificate (empadronamiento) in the Balearic Islands

  • Formalise the relationship with a notary or provide proof of common partnership (more details below)

The process consists of mainly two steps. the first one is to register at the Registro de Parejas Estables de Islas Baleares and the second one is to formalise the union. Registering as a pareja estable Documents to present:

  • Completed registration form, printed and signed. The application will only be validated if all the required fields are completed.

  • Inscription fee (21.14 euros) and proof of payment. Download the payment form (model DUI-046), print it and proceed with the payment at a collaborating bank entity or by making the telematic payment.

  • Official declaration of civil status, stating your current marital status. Non-spanish applicants will have also to provide an official declaration of their civil state from their own country, translated into Spanish. This document can be requested at your consulate/embassy in Spain.

You can present these documents in person at any of the registry offices listed in this link. Online registration. You can also present the documents electronically through the common electronic registry. Note that the online presentation will require a Digital Certificate or Cl@ve password. After filling in your personal information, make sure to select the correct “Organismo destinatario”, that being Consejería de Asuntos Sociales y Deportes (Islas Baleares). Any missing document will be notified to the applicants, in which case you will have 10 days to present it before your application gets rejected. Formalising the union Once you receive the confirmation that the information provided is valid, both members of the pareja estable will have a month to formalise the union together and with a written statement. This can be done through the following ways:

  • Through the responsible person of the registry (the office will depend on the place you live (call 971 177 155 for more information)

  • Through a notary

  • Through a Town Hall mayor

You will need to present a certificado de convivencia (can be requested at your Town Hall), and documents that support that both members of the couple are living together, such as property deeds, rental contracts and others. You can also present an acta notarial, although it has less weight in the process. The final resolution can take up to 6 months due Covid restrictions.

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