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Tribute to Brian (Barry) Crease

Portrait of Barry Creese with a Christmas hat and cigar
Barry (Brian) Crease

We share this tribute to Brian (Barry) Crease of Cómpeta, Malaga, with generous acknowledgement of the help provided by the RAF Benevolent Fund and Age in Spain. Brian passed away in March.

Called up for National Service in 1956 at the age of 19, Brian Crease trained with the RAF and served as an air traffic controller at Binbrook, Lincolnshire. His service with the RAF was cut short when his father cut his hand badly and had to retire from the family’s butchery business in Barton-upon-Humber. Brian took over.

Portrait of Barry Crease as a young man
Young Barry

Active in local business circles and president of the local Lions club which raised money for good causes, Barry was also a fierce opponent of the new Humber bridge which local traders felt would adversely affect passing trade in Barton. They were proved right. When the bridge was built, Barry’s shop business declined, but he carried on selling meat products from a van until he retired in 2002.

Thereafter, facing a cold and damp winter and feeling miserable, Barry decided to visit friends in Andalucia, arriving in Cómpeta where, after a short while, he realised that he wanted to start a new life in Spain.

That life in Spain was good. He was a season-ticket holder for Malaga and followed the team in la Liga, enjoyed exploring the mountains with a friend in a 4x4, and went to all the parties in Cómpeta. His German friend Andreas couldn’t pronounce the name Brian, so ‘Barry’ it was from then on.

Until 2019 when he fractured his hip in a fall.

Friends Ken Slater and Christine Quick recount:

Barry Creese in later years
Barry in later years

‘He was in the hospital for 10 days and then stayed with us for three days. We realised he needed professional help to aid his recovery. At the check-up at the Hospital, in addition to his fractured hip we were advised that he had Vascular Dementia and he would never be in a position to look after himself again. We called into the residential care home, Fuente Ariza in Algarrobo on the way back from hospital and met with Pepe. They were able to take him in immediately and Pepe and his team looked after him superbly for nearly three years, for which we are eternally grateful.

‘Full time care is expensive and was beyond Barry's means. With the help of Age in Spain we were able to claim an Attendance Allowance from the UK government and the RAF Benevolent Fund granted an award which funded Barry for nearly three years which enabled Brian, our Barry, to die peacefully, at the age of 84, on 25 March 2022.

‘We, and on behalf of Barry, say muchas Gracias to the RAF Benevolent Fund and Age in Spain for your help and support. ESTUPENDO!’


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