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Job Vacancy: Regional Coordinator, Spain North

Age in Spain is running an innovative Residency Helpline project targeting vulnerable UK nationals who live in Spain, to ensure they have their residency status in place when the transition period of the UK leaving the European Union ends (currently December 2020). This is one of the largest projects in Europe (three of which are in Spain) being funded by the UK Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office through its UK National Support Fund (UKNSF). 

An estimated 1.3M UK nationals currently live and work in the 27 Member States of the EU. The largest number, at least 350,000, are in Spain. British nationals in Spain who wish to live in Spain long term will need to obtain legal residency.This project is designed to help the more vulnerable and isolated British nationals who face difficulty in managing the process unaided.  


Age in Spain has designed and launched a national Residency Helpline, supported by an outreach service in selected Spanish regions (currently the Balearic Islands and Catalonia). The service is supported by a website with regularly updated information and resources to guide people through the residency process. Volunteer teams have been recruited and trained to run the Helpline and provide support services at local level, reaching people who face barriers to self help such as isolation, mobility or health issues, language problems or lack of access to a computer or the internet. 


The project networks with British Embassies and Spanish Government departments, Spanish and UK welfare service providers and voluntary groups and welfare support networks throughout Spain. 

The Project.

The project was launched in June 2020 and will run until at least March 2021. 

We are hoping that the project will be extended for a further period following review, depending on the requirements of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and funding availability. 


The project is run remotely with a sophisticated technological infrastructure to provide a top quality and accessible service with virtual office management systems in order to support remote workers (currently 8 staff and 30+ volunteers). On the ground delivery of the outreach services (such as local events, face to face meetings, home visits) take place where needed (subject to COVID-19 movement restrictions) alongside virtual information sessions and activities.

Project Duration and Location.

Freedom of movement between EU member states has enabled many British nationals to live flexibly between the UK and Spain. This will change. Once the UK leaves the EU, spending time between the UK and Spain will be covered by much stricter rules.


Many British nationals have been living in Spain for long periods or even permanently without regularising their residency status. A significant proportion are older, unaware of the changes due to Brexit, or do not have the capacity to regularise their status unaided or manage the bureaucracy involved in the system. This could affect their right to receive health and welfare services in Spain.


So, help now will avert potential crises later on and enable British people to benefit from the Withdrawal Agreement which protects the rights of UK nationals who live in Spain. This project helps people to help themselves and provide additional one to one support for more vulnerable Britons in Spain so that they can decide in which country they plan to reside and make the appropriate arrangements.

Why is this Project Important?

We are looking for an exceptional person to help us take this project through to completion. The working environment is creative, challenging, fun, energising and supportive. Together we have already far exceeded realistic expectations of the project’s deliverables and the project continues to grow.

The post - Regional Coordinator, Spain North

See below for the job description, person specification and the application process. Please note the application deadline - Wednesday 6 January 2021

The project requires a person with the energy, experience and ability to work as part of a remote-working team and manage the challenges of running a new project whilst delivering a high quality service. The working language is English and  advanced level written and spoken Spanish is also needed. The post requires satisfactory completion of safeguarding checks.

The Post.

Regional Coordinator, Spain North.

Full time (temporary).

An opportunity to join a dynamic project team to help make a difference to the lives of older UK nationals who wish to stay living in Spain after Brexit. 

Due to the outstanding success of this innovative project we need an additional Residency Helpline team member with the enthusiasm, drive and creativity to reach out to people across northern Spain who need assistance.


Age in Spain runs a national Helpline which supports British nationals who live in Spain. Our mission is to ensure they have their residency status in place when the UK leaves the European Union. This is essential for people to be able to continue accessing vital services after December 2020 as a result of the UK leaving the EU. 


Our professional call centre service provides information by telephone and email on residency, healthcare and associated legalities of living in Spain for British people, with a one to one outreach service for people who need extra support.


Due to the success of the service and the complex nature of the support needs of our more vulnerable service users, we need an additional person to ensure that we extend the outreach service to Northern regions of Spain from Galicia in the West across to Aragon in the East up to Catalonia.


You will join a small, remote-working team of eight dynamic and committed professionals and regional volunteer teams.


The role includes

  • devise and deliver a programme of awareness raising online, use of media and networking with key stakeholders to enable people to be aware of need to determine their residency status independently and the support that Age in Spain can offer for those who need additional help

  • recruit, train and support teams of volunteers to assist in delivering the project. Volunteers help to run a cloud based telephone helpline (each volunteer working from home) plus at local level, run publicity events and help vulnerable clients on a one to one basis (including home visits when permissible and necessary).  Training programme resources are delivered via the Web service and video meetings.

  • provide region specific information to the national Web based information resource as a result of on the ground experience


Ours is one of three  projects in Spain being funded by the UK Government Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office through its UK National Support Fund (UKNSF) until at least March 2021.(extension subject to funding).


Salary: circa €27,000 per year 

Closing date for applications: Wednesday 6 January 2021

Interviews: early January

Start date: immediate or as soon as possible

Job Description.

Location: home based, (preferably with proximity to Barcelona for occasional meetings).

You will need to ensure that your work location’s internet connection is able to support a minimum of 1Mbps upstream and downstream bandwidth.


Hours: 40 hours per week


Salary: circa €27,000  


Contract:  Fixed term or equivalent contract to March 2021 (possibility of extension depending on funding) 


Benefits: 20 days holiday per year (pro rata) plus public holidays, support in setting up a home office and professional development training support 


The role 


You will lead the project across several Spanish regions from Galica in the West to Aragon and the Catalan border in the East. You will be one of four regional coordinators (the others covering Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands) with the task of finding and supporting UK nationals and the networks that support them, who live in northern Spain and who need information and support in sorting out their residency. See our website for a map of the areas covered and the service we offer.

We are particularly concerned to reach people who face barriers such as language, health, mobility or capacity issues, who might otherwise miss out on their protected rights to residency conditions as a result of the Brexit withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU. You will locate and engage with local community leaders and stakeholders to build active participation and support; recruit and support volunteers to run the Helpline and local support service and engage directly with British nationals in the target group, with a particular emphasis on reaching vulnerable/isolated people. The work is remote - working from home, with support from a team similarly used to working online. You will be working in areas where UK nationals are more dispersed than on other parts of Spain, so you will need to be creative and innovative in building networks.


You will report to the Project Director.

About you

You will have the enthusiasm, drive and creativity to achieve maximum impact with limited resources in a challenging geographical/social environment.

You will have a minimum of 3 years’ relevant experience, with an excellent track record in delivering community projects on the ground with demonstrated skills in volunteer recruitment, training, management and support, liaison with community leaders and stakeholders, events management and public relations. 

You will be able to deliver a project within a limited budget and timescale where customer expectations will be high. You will be able to work independently and take initiative, but also be  a supportive team player.

The project team 

You will join a small, committed and friendly team, all of whom work remotely from home, consisting of the:

  • Project director, responsible for overall delivery of the service and liaison with key stakeholders at national level

  • Digital services consultant, responsible for the design and implementation of our call centre and internal digital systems 

  • Project assistant, responsible for the production of the information resources, expert knowledge base support to the team and management of our media relations

  • Regional coordinators, responsible for the recruitment and support of regional teams of volunteers to run the residency call centre service and outreach programmes in specified regions

Person specification.


  • Proven experience of project mobilisation and implementation within local communities, liaising successfully across organisational boundaries to achieve maximum participation

  • Experience in managing volunteers, including recruitment, training and support

  • Excellent communication and people management skills

  • Excellent oral and written communication in English and Spanish 

  • Ability to work independently with drive and enthusiasm but also an excellent team player 

  • Agility to respond and adapt decisively to changing events, requirements or timelines

  • Ability to deliver project outputs within a fixed timeline 

  • Ability to work remotely with the technical skills/aptitude to operate cloud based reporting and management systems 

  • Ability to travel from time to time (the majority of the work is remote for the current duration of this project)

  • Able to work from home/work remotely with adequate internet bandwidth to use the accounting and office systems and participate in regular online video meetings 


  • Previous experience working with the charitable/voluntary sector or the 50+  age range

  • Experience of events management

  • Full, clean driving licence/able to travel with own or public transport  

  • Familiarity with the regions


  • This position is offered on a standard local employment contract or equivalent, with possible extension depending on requirements and funding.

  • Salary circa €27,000 gross, 40 hours per week, 20 days holiday per year plus public holidays

At regional level:

Each Regional Coordinator will 

  • devise and deliver a programme of awareness raising online and through local events, use of media and networking with key stakeholders to enable people to determine their residency status independently

  • recruit, train and support teams of volunteers to assist in delivering the project. Volunteers will help run a cloud based telephone helpline (each volunteer working from home) plus at local level run publicity events and help vulnerable clients on a one to one basis (including home visits when permissible and necessary).  Training programme resources will be delivered via the Web service and video meetings.

  • provide region specific information to the national Web based resource as a result of on the ground experience

Application Timelines and Process.

Please note that the recruitment timeline is intensive in order to start as soon as possible.


Advert published: Friday 18 December 2020

Closing date: 12.00 pm CET Wednesday 6 January 2021

Interviews: Early January 2021

Start date: as soon as possible subject to reference and safeguarding checks



How to apply

Due to the high number of applications that we expect to receive for this opportunity and our successful use of video presentations in recruiting excellent candidates to the current team, we are asking all candidates to submit a response to a video task as well as submitting their CV or LinkedIn profile


This stage has been created to give everyone the best chance of moving forward with their application and to help us to ensure that we invite the very best candidates for an interview.

The task: please record a short video, aiming for less than 3 minutes, and upload it for our hiring panel to view. Please note that applications without the video presentation will not be accepted.


The scenario

As the Regional Coordinator, a key part of your job is going to be creating networks and communicating effectively with key stakeholders. 


You are joining a team that has built a highly successful national telephone and email support service through the Residency Helpline, with outreach services in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Canaries. We use social media, build networks with other organisations which support UK nationals and, where we can, run local events in areas where British people might go. 


We have a strong team of volunteers, who are trained and supported to run the Helpline, support local events and provide one to one support for the most vulnerable people who cannot sort out their residency issues unaided. But no volunteers yet in the areas you will be covering. Covid 19 restrictions mean that we have to be much more reliant on remote networking than we might traditionally have been, which requires us to be innovative in building our presence and the relationships that put us directly in touch with the more vulnerable UK nationals who may not use social media, have access to a computer, or be in touch with the changes that Brexit is making.  


Your role

You have to cover several large geographical regions, where we never worked before, and where UK nationals might be far harder to find that in other parts of Spain. You are likely to have to do all your work remotely and you have a timescale of less than three months in order to demonstrate success (which is measured by numbers of people who access our service from those regions, numbers of people directly helped, etc.). 


  1. Outline your strategy for how you would approach this task

  2. How would you involve volunteers?

  3. What would be the top three risks to your strategy and how would you mitigate them?

  4. Tell us (in Spanish) what your opening introduction to the service would be to a local Town Hall official, where you want to get their support in locating elderly UK nationals who live in their rural area.


Sharing your video with us


Once you’ve created your video, please upload it or send it to us. Whichever method you choose for sharing is up to you, but here are some suggestions:


  • Upload to Youtube, Vimeo or another video platform and submit the link to the video on your application form (which you can access using the red button below). If you need us to use a password to access your video, there is a space to add this on the application form.


We’re not asking you to create a blockbuster so please don’t worry about scenery, dressing up or ultra high resolution. We just want to see you presenting naturally and ensuring the file you upload can be easily accessed for viewing


Deadline for sharing: please submit your video within your application on or before 12:00pm on Wednesday 6 January 2021.


Any questions?

If you have any questions for us or, for any reason, you are not able to send us a video response, then please get in touch. We will endeavour to think of how we can evaluate your application without the need for a video recording.

Ready to apply?

The online application form for this job is accessible via the button below.

Applications closed.
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