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Your life can change in a moment! 


No matter how well we plan for our later life, we all need help from time to time.  Age in Spain is here to help you. 


You might be caring for a partner, you might have an older relative living in Spain who is no longer managing, you might have health or financial problems and you don’t know what to do. You might be baffled by technology or the bureaucracy involved in accessing services and support.


More often than not, our Infoline Service can give you the information and know-how, so that you can navigate your own pathways with confidence, even in challenging circumstances. 


But when information is not enough, the Age in Spain Support Service can provide extra help for vulnerable people.


This service provides intensive support to isolated vulnerable people and their carers who can no longer manage or their circumstances may no longer be sustainable. We provide a professional, knowledgeable assessment and helping hand to enable you to access available services, which typically are needed because of loss of capacity, social care, ill health and advocacy needs.


If you need help or you wish to refer someone (and they are willing for you to refer them to us) the first step is to contact our Infoline team. You can contact us here, via our  enquiry/referral form and  our email and phone contacts.


We will take detailed information from you to ensure that we can help you access the right kind of support. The help typically includes identifying the options and services available, including Spanish health and social care services, help from local voluntary groups, specialist organisations, available grants and benefits, and if needed, what’s involved in returning to your home country.


We will talk you through the steps to take and provide you with one to one remote support, depending on your needs and our resources. 


Our Infoline Service can respond very quickly to get you on track, but due to our limited resources, there is often a waiting list for intensive help from our Support Service. 


This is not an emergency service. The Emergency Service contact number is 112. 

Can you help us ?  
Every donation helps us make a difference. Please support us if you can. 
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