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Volunteer with Age in Spain.

Age in Spain relies on volunteers to provide helpline and support services to help older people that need a helping hand in Spain.

You can get involved with anything from helping us answer the phone to being a member of the committee.


Please see our current volunteering opportunities below for more details.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Residency Support Worker - Canary Islands

Help people who need some extra assistance apply for their Spanish residency.

Age in Spain is working to provide support to older and vulnerable individuals in the Canary Islands.

We help people to get their paperwork in order, prepare for their appointments and apply for their residency. Our assistance will ensure that people retain their rights after the UK leaves the EU.

Casework and Support Volunteers

Help people in later life when they need that extra assistance.

Perhaps someone can no longer manage independently because of illness or isolation. Our caseworkers are volunteers who assess the situation and provide help that makes a world of difference with the support of our partner EU and UK agencies.

Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities

Residency Helpline Assistant

Voluntary position. Help from anywhere with a stable internet connection via Age in Spain's virtual contact centre.

With the support of our team and resources, you will be helping British people to access the right information and to apply for their Spanish residency status.


Due to current restrictions, this role is a remote opportunity that can be done from anywhere in Spain, or even abroad, provided you have a good internet connection and computer.

Residency Support Worker

This is an ideal role if you can help for two or three hours on a one off basis every now and again, you don't want a regular commitment and you can travel.

Some British people have problems which prevent them from completing the residency application. With the support of our team and resources, you will be helping these British people. You will visit the person in their home and help to make sure that they are prepared and have all the appropriate paperwork, appointments and information to apply for residency here in Spain.

Residency Helpline Media Assistant

The role is very flexible and can be shaped and crafted depending on your experience, knowledge and interests.

With the support from the Residency Project Assistant and Digital Services Consultant you will help us to implement our Social Media Strategy.  If you have specific knowledge in social media or other forms of media please let us know so that we can adapt the role to your strengths.

Email (for general enquiries) (for Spanish residency enquiries)


+34 932 20 97 41 - Residency Helpline

+34 971 93 40 85 - General enquires

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