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Become our Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers are central to all of Age in Spain’s activity and services. Help us to attract and keep the right people for our exciting development plans for 2023 to 2025 in supporting older English speakers in Spain. 

As Volunteer Coordinator you will play a key part in helping our small service management team manage volunteer recruitment, training and placement for our different services (mainly online roles), provide ongoing support through periodic one to one sessions, group meetings, production of a newsletter and help ensure that our commitment to volunteers and volunteering is centre stage as our work continues.


This role is a remote volunteer opportunity that can be done from anywhere in Spain, or elsewhere, provided you have a good internet connection and a computer. 


You will be responsible for supporting the engagement of volunteers and development of volunteering in Age in Spain, with specific responsibility for volunteer recruitment, onboarding, placement with service managers in our different services and keeping volunteers informed and integrated as vital members of the Age in Spain team.


Main responsibilities


  • Reviewing the Age in Spain recruitment and on-boarding process and make it work really well for everyone.  

  • Reviewing and updating role descriptions to make sure they are easy to read and clearly explain the volunteer roles and the Age in Spain organisation.  

  • Posting the roles on relevant job boards and social media sites, so that they are seen by lots of people

  • Receiving and acknowledging applications, staying in touch with applicants throughout the recruitment process

  • Scheduling interviews. support with shortlisting and initial interviews 

  • Taking references for successful applicants, ensuring they have sent in their criminal record check

Onboarding and engagement

  • Onboarding of new volunteers when they start with Age in Spain, acting as their ´buddy´ until they are settled in their role

  • Review and update onboarding and training materials

  • Keeping in touch with volunteer applicants throughout the recruitment cycle

  • Conducting periodic individual support meetings to ensure their placement is working well and discuss volunteer development opportunities

  • Organising volunteer (online) meetings a few times a year, so that volunteers are able to connect and share experiences

  • Organising a regular volunteers newsletter and creating a sense of community for the volunteers, so that they feel a sense of belonging to Age in Spain

  • Contributing to Age in Spain organisational policy and practice development to ensure that volunteering and the support needs of volunteers are fully met and consistently reflected across the organisation’s activity

What's involved.

Training and support will be provided virtually. Age in Spain will provide an initial comprehensive induction including online self paced training and online video meetings to equip you for your role. Once you have received your initial training, you will continue to be supported throughout your volunteering journey by the Age in Spain team!


You will receive on-going on the job training whilst volunteering and opportunities for additional training will be provided from time to time.

Support and training.

There are no set hours, and you can be flexible in the commitment you make as long as the aims of the role are achieved.  In 2023, we are looking to recruit and on-board between 10 – 15 volunteers to join Age in Spain.  We anticipate that during recruitment and onboarding phases, you will need to have 1 – 2 days per week available.  At other times, it may be no more than ½ day a week.  


We´d be delighted if you could commit to the role for a two year period, so that we can benefit from your experience and support during this vital development period for Age in Spain.

Time commitment.

This is a remote volunteering role, to be conducted from the volunteers’ home using their own computer. The work requires a good internet connection and good quality headset (provided). 


Out of pocket expenses such as travel costs (in the event that there are any face to face meetings that are agreed with your manager), will be reimbursed.


  • You are very organised, with an eye for detail

  • You love working with people, and are a great communicator 

  • You like to take responsibility for your own area of work

  • You´re comfortable presenting to groups of volunteers

  • You enjoy working in a small team

  • You´re comfortable using your computer: email, powerpoint, basic excel, Zoom or Google meet

  • Ideally, you have an HR background, with some recruitment and onboarding experience

Your skills and experience.

  • You will have the opportunity to make a big difference to how we work as an organisation, and our volunteer community.  This in turn will have a major impact on the people we serve – English speaking older people in Spain, helping them lead fuller lives in their adopted country. 

  • You will be part of a friendly team, with regular online meetings with your manager and colleagues for supervision and support.  

  • You will further develop your recruitment, onboarding and volunteer engagement experience, with references and a certificate of service available for job seekers  

  • All out of pocket expenses such as travel costs, meals,  printing/photocopying that are agreed by your manager 

If you have any doubts or questions please contact us at 

What we offer you.

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