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Our new 2024 edition is now available. 


Get it for free here!


Everything you need to know before – and after – your decision to relocate to Spain is in this e-book. What should you think about before you make your mind up to move? How does Spain work? What visa do I need? Can I bring my pet? What if I fall ill and need medical help or care?

We answer these questions – and many more.

And we take you step-by-step through the relocation process, with links to live interviews with people who’ve made the move successfully.


Unsure where in Spain would suit you best? We describe the different regions and their culture.

In fact, there’s plenty in here for those of you who simply enjoy Spain and want to know a bit more about it. Why not take our light-hearted quiz and find out if you’re actually ready to move to Spain? 


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