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Disability Pension (non-contributory) - Guide

The Spanish welfare system, through Social Security, guarantees adequate protection against situations of risk, in both contributory and non-contributory benefits. Non-contributory benefits are those which are not conditional to a minimum quotation of your work towards the Social Security system. Therefore, those are universal benefits that are provided to anyone who fulfills their criteria, regardless of their contributions to the Spanish welfare system.

Non-contributory disability pension (NDP)

The non-contributory disability pension (from now on NDP) secures that all residents in a situation of disability and economic, medical or social services assistance have access to a pension regardless of their contribution to Social Security. All non-Spanish residents, including UK nationals, are eligible as long as they fulfill the requirements listed below.


  • Being 18+ years of age and less than 65.

  • Being a legal resident for the past 5 years, from which at least 2 are consecutive and immediately previous to the application.

  • Having a disability degree of at least 65%, or higher. Check how to obtain a disability degree here.

  • Lack of sufficient income, if the annual income is less than 5.630,20 euros (in 2021). When living with family members (in case of legal union, relatives, or adoption up to second grade), the income should be limited to the quantities listed below.

1. If you live with your partner or parents up to second grade (parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers/sisters):

2. If between the relatives you live with there is one of your parents or children:

While receiving this pension, you will be able also to start a new job and receive simultaneously this pension during the next 4 years after starting your new job, if the total sum of your income is less than 12.418 euros per year. In case of surpassing that amount, the pension will be reduced to not surpass the amount of 12.418 euros.

The non-contributory disability pension is incompatible with a non-contributory retirement pension (people over 65 should access the latter instead).

Required documents

To apply for the NDP you will have to provide the following documents:

  • Disability degree

  • Copy of your residency document/TIE

  • Proof of continued residency (through a Certificación de Residente) obtained from the police.

  • Legislation letter from the consulate or competent authority certifying that you are/aren’t receiving a pension, and if so, state the yearly amount and the number of payments you receive.

  • Completed general application form or specific ones for Catalonia, Balearic, Canaries, Aragon, Navarra, Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia, where you will have to include the following information:

Economic information - you will have to inform of what is your current income, and if you are perceiving any other benefit. This expands to the people living with you.

  • Income from work or benefits: state the concept, source and yearly amount.

  • Income from assets: provide the value of the assets.

  • Banking details: as a beneficiary of the pension you will need to be the holder of the account.

Documentation depending on your status:

  • If working: copy of the salary sheets of the current year and a declaration of the annual payments.

  • Self-employed: copies of the quarterly IRPF declarations from the current year.

  • Unemployed: copy emitted by the SEPE stating the monthly payment you are perceiving.

Documents regarding the people living with you:

  • Separated or divorced: certified copy of the sentence.

  • Pensioner from another country: document from the consulate or competent authority certifying that you are/aren’t receiving a pension, and if so, state the yearly amount and the number of payments you receive.

  • Employed // self-employed // unemployed: *see requisites above.

*Some regions might require a different form for your partners/relatives living with you. Check the links of your region to find out.

Application process

You can present the application and documents for the NDP online or in-person. You can present your documents to any of the following offices in your region:

  • Oficinas de Atención Ciudadana - OAC

  • Oficina de Asuntos Sociales y Familias

  • Oficinas de Atención Ciudadana del Departamento de Trabajo, Asuntos Sociales y Familias

Online application

If you wish to send your application online, keep in mind that the system will change depending on which region you live in. Find here the links to each online application system (some of them might require digital signature):

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