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Exchanging your green card/A4 residency certificate for a TIE

Updated: Mar 22


Up until December 31st 2021, Age in Spain has been one of three UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office funded organisations to help British Nationals in Spain with their residency applications under the scope of the UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement. Each organisation covered different geographical regions, and therefore provided specific guidance in relation to the regions. Age in Spain will no longer be able to provide the same level of residency support as has previously been provided. This service is no longer available to new enquirers but you are welcome to use our residency information guides at any time, and contact us on our infoline service, if you have any questions.

Age in Spain’s residency support project covered the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Catalonia and the North of Spain. For region specific information relating to other parts of Spain, use the links below to access the information resources provided by the other two UKNSF funded organisations:

Castellon, Valencia and Alicante: Babelia has some very useful guides on this process on their website:

  1. Exchanging your Green Residency Document or your 'Resolución de Concesión' for a TIE card in Spain

  2. How to complete and pay the fee 790 code 012 form (Tasa modelo 790 código 012) for the TIE residency card in Spain

For all other regions, please feel free to reach out to us on our info line.


Exchanging your Green Residency Certificate for the new TIE

The UK Foreign Office is currently strongly encouraging any UK national in possession of the old Green Residency Certificates, to perform the exchange of their old Green Residency documents for the new biometric TIE card under the article 50 process as soon as possible.

A large number of UK nationals have been reporting being denied support or access to a variety of services in Spain, due to the fact they did not hold the most up to date document for UK nationals living in Spain. For this reason, we at Age in Spain are also strongly suggesting that UK nationals perform the exchange to the TIE as soon as possible, to ensure you are not denied access to a service you are in need of, due to your documentation.

Below you will find the details of the process to do so.

You can find some videos on people's experiences performing the process on the Brits in Spain Facebook page:


To exchange your green EU residency certificate for the new UK-specific TIE, it is necessary to make an appointment online with the Oficina de Extranjeros -cita previa-, which can be done by clicking this link.

Currently, the Spanish administration has created a special option for the new TIE. Select the province where you live and the option “Policia-Exp. Tarjeta Asociada al Acuerdo de Retirada Ciudadanos Británicos y sus familiares (Brexit)” -Trámites Cuerpo Nacional de Policía tab-, and follow the further instructions. Completing this process will arrange an appointment at an Immigration Office or your local Police Station for a specific date and time.

Documents to present

When filling in the EX-23, make sure to choose the option "Tarjeta inicial" (section 4.1) and the option "Residencia con Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Unión" (section 4.2).

  • Passport (original and copy).

  • Proof (printed) of payment of the tax 790 code 012. You can complete and download the form here. Also, find the list of institutions associated with the payment of fees by direct debit system here.

When filling in the tasa 790 form, choose the option "Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Unión".

  • Passport-size photograph 32x26 (ID photograph).

  • Padrón (if you changed your address). Original and copy, issued within the last 3 months.

In the case the police don't inform you about how to pick up your new TIE, you will be able to pick up your card by booking an appointment here. Select the province where you live and the option “Policia-Recogida Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero” -Trámites Cuerpo Nacional de Policía tab-.

This process cannot be done by a representative. If you have mobility concerns, and do not feel you can attend an in person appointment, you could look to request a mobility unit to be dispatched. Please contact us for more details on this process.

The new TIE will be valid for a period of 5 years and you will be allowed to leave Spain up to 6 months without losing your residency. After its validity is expired, it can be renewed to a permanent-type permit, which will have its validity extended to 10 years and the allowed leave extended to 5 years.

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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