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Presenting missing documents - Guide

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

​If during your application process some of your documents are missing or not accepted, the Immigration Office will issue a requerimiento, which is a document stating that you have 10 days to present the missing documents. You will need to send the requerimiento back with the required documents to the Immigration Office. How do I present the documents?

In order to present those documents, you will need to go to a public registry (Find here an office locator) or send them electronically if you have a Digital Certificate. To send your documents electronically, follow the guide below.

Uploading your documents

After accessing the link provided above, you will need to press the option Acceder al procedimiento (1), located at the bottom of the page, then continuar (2), and then continuar individual (3) to access with your digital certificate. Finally, you will have to press the option continuar presentación (4).

After clicking continuar presentación, a window will pop up asking what procedure you want to carry on. You will have to click the option Aportar documentos a expedientes.

Then, you will have to write down your NIE number or "nº de expediente" (serial number of your application) and click Aceptar to access the procedure.

On the next page you will see your residency procedure listed. You will have to select your application (5) and then you will be able to consult the documents you already provided, or to attach new ones with Adjuntar documentos (6).

You will see on your screen an interface to upload the missing documents for your application. First, you will have to select them from your computer by clicking Examinar (7) and searching the files in your computer, and then upload them by pressing adjuntar documento (8). Repeat this process for each document you need to upload.

After sending the documents you will be able to download a PDF document or comprobante, stating which additional documents you have sent to the immigration office. This document can be used as a receipt for this process.

When uploading your documents, each file cannot be over 6mb. You can compress the PDF files you present with the help of this website.

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