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Golden Visa - Guide

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

If you wish to live in Spain you can obtain residency with the golden visa (officially known as visa for investors and entrepreneurs). This visa is for non-EU nationals who make a significant investment in the Spanish economy such as a property purchase, a business or public debt.

The golden visa is the only residency permit that does not require a minimum stay in order to renew it (art. 6 Ley 14/2013, 27 septiembre). This means you can leave Spain for more than 6 months without losing your residency status.

How does it work?

This visa will give you the right to legally live and work in Spain. There are 3 types of investment you can make in order to become eligible for the golden visa:

  • Real estate: purchase or own a real estate property or properties with a total current value of 500.000 euros (If you already own a property, only purchases from 2014 onwards count, which is the year when the golden visa was introduced).

  • Public debt (Bonos del Tesoro Español): an investment in a Spanish government debt equal or greater than 2.000.000 euros.

  • Business: an investment in Spanish company stocks and shares, closed-end investment funds, venture capital funds, or bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions equal to or greater than 1.000.000 euros.

Essential requirements and the documents you will need

  • Be a non-EU national

  • Be financially stable and have sufficient means to sustain yourself and your family members/dependants

  • No criminal record or entry ban to Spain

  • No illness that could pose a threat to public health

  • The visa fee payment, which may vary depending on from which country you are applying

  • A current medical certificate that complies with the requirements set by the Spanish Consulate and Immigration Office (see section below)

  • Public or private health insurance taken out by an insurance company authorised to operate in Spain with a minimum validity of one year

To check the full list of requirements and documents you need, please check the consular guide on the golden visa* (the English version starts on page 5, and the list of requirements and documents on page 6-8).

*This document is from the London consulate, so if you are applying for the golden visa from a different country, some details might differ slightly. We advise checking with the particular consular authority for your area.

Obtaining a medical certificate

You need a medical certificate which states that you do not “suffer any of the illnesses which may cause grave public health risks in accordance with the International Sanitary Regulations 2005”. The certificate should be issued no later than 3 months prior to the date of the application, along with your other documents. If issued by a doctor from your country, the certificate must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator.

To save time and money, you can also use Age in Spain’s direct link to an English-speaking doctor in Spain, who can give you the required official Spanish medical certificate which meets the Spanish Government’s Health Regulations. This certificate is a Spanish document and so does not require legalisation or translation. For more information and to request an appointment, contact

Sorting out your health insurance

It is vital that you take out the correct type of private health insurance when applying for a golden visa. The Spanish authorities will check that your private health insurance offers at least equal cover to that of the Spanish Healthcare System, without any copayments, excesses or exclusions.

There are many health insurance companies and policies to choose from, so make sure that you know what you are buying. Whether you are looking for health insurance as part of a residency or visa application or just to give you peace of mind, navigating the different offers can be confusing and stressful, especially if you don't speak fluent Spanish.

Age in Spain can help. Contact us to speak to our healthcare advisor, with extensive experience of the different systems and healthcare providers in Spain.

We can help if:

  • You want to have a one-to-one discussion about your healthcare options - public and private healthcare

  • You want to discuss your private health insurance options before getting a quote or at any point in the application process

  • You need a medical certificate to support a new VISA application

  • You are over 70 and looking for private medical insurance

We can arrange instant quotes and comparisons to suit your requirements, including the cover options if you are having trouble in finding a policy because of any pre-existing medical condition or your age and if you want an English speaking medical service or the option for international travel cover.

Contact our free service for personalised information and assistance in selecting the policy that best meets your needs. Click here for more information about what we offer.

Applying for your Golden visa - How to get started

Start the process for your visa application at the Spanish consular office for your region and country. You will probably need to book an appointment by email before going in person to the office. Consult the Spanish Consulate website for your country to find the office you need.

Send an email to the consulate with the following information:

  • Subject line: the type of visa you are applying for (in this case, the real estate/investor visa).

In the body text:

  • Your personal details: full name, nationality, passport number and phone number.

  • Type of visa you are applying for (real estate investor visa).

  • Reason for requesting the visa.

  • Desired date of the appointment. The consular office will confirm the date and time of your appointment taking into account your desired date.

How long does the process take?

Once you have attended the interview and submitted your documents the notification period can take up to 3 months, depending on how busy the consular office is.

Once approved, you will have 1 month after the notification to collect the visa in person. It is then valid for you to enter Spain within 3 months. If you enter Spain after the expiry date, you may be refused entry.

Requesting your residency card (TIE)

After receiving the visa, you have one month from the date of entry into Spain, in which to apply for the TIE - Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero - at the Immigration Office or Police Station. You will need to book an appointment at a police station to get your fingerprints taken and apply for your biometric residency card. Check here how to apply for your residency card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about my family members?

Your spouse, civil partner and/or children can be included in your application for the golden visa. You will need to include with your documents the marriage or civil partnership certificate and birth or adoption certificates. A sworn translation into Spanish and legalisation will be required for each document. You can legalise your documents through the consular offices of the issuing country or if your country is in this list, with the Hague Apostille.

How do I renew the golden visa?

You can request a renewal up to 60 days prior to and 90 days after the expiry date of your permit. The only requirement for renew the golden visa is to visit Spain at least once during the visa period and maintain the original visa conditions. This means that you still have one or more real estate properties with a cumulative value of at least 500.000 euros, or maintain your Spanish investments.

Can I travel to other EU countries with the golden visa?

Yes. With the golden visa you will be able to visit other EU countries for up to 3 months in every 6-month period, always respecting the entry requirements of each EU member state (UE Nº 265/2010).

Will I need to pay taxes in Spain?

With the golden visa you have the freedom to stay for as short a period as you wish during the visa time period, so you do not need to become a tax resident of Spain and you only need to declare your global income to the Spanish tax system if you live in Spain for at least 183 days per year. This visa therefore gives you more flexibility than other visas.

You will still have to pay any taxes on profits obtained as a result of your investment, including property rental, wealth tax and the cadastral value (valor catastral) of your properties. If you require legal advice on these matters, we recommend seeking professional help from a lawyer or a gestoría. Visit this link for more information about English speaking gestorías in Spain.


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