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Age in Spain Good Neighbour Award 2023

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

image by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Do you have a good neighbour? Has someone gone out of their way to help you when you’ve needed a hand? Offered you transport, done your shopping, looked after your pet, or gone that extra mile on your behalf? Has anyone done anything for you that has changed your life?

Would you like to say thank you to that person?

Then nominate them for our Good Neighbour Award!

This person doesn’t have to live next door. They can be a local hero or a good citizen – anyone who looks out for others and has done you or your community a kindness. Last year’s winner was a Spanish teacher who had gone out of her way to help her students feel welcome in their new community.

This year’s winner will receive a personal letter of congratulations from the UK Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, and be treated to a celebration dinner for two.

Age in Spain’s president, John Rafferty, will acknowledge all nominations. It’s a great way of thanking that special person who has done you a good turn.

Use the form to tell us who your good neighbour is*, what they did to help you and what difference it made. It’s a straightforward and easy to use form that you can just complete and click ‘send’, but if you do have difficulty then call us on +34 932 20 97 41.

Our international panel of judges will consider all the nominations and we’ll announce the winner in January.

*The nominee must live in Spain.


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