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Mind the heat

(Given the renewed heatwave in much of Spain we thought it was worth repeating the advice we published in a recent newsletter )

While the summer sun is one of the reasons many people choose to make Spain their home, it also brings with it some real concerns. With temperatures in some parts of the country regularly topping 40 degrees centigrade in the summer months, it really is worth everyone taking extra care. This is even more important for the elderly or those with underlying health conditions that may be affected by the heat. Here are some tips worth remembering (taken from advice issued by the Victoria State Government in Australia). You can prepare for extreme heat by:

  • Stocking up on food, water and medicines so you don’t have to go out in the heat

  • Visit your doctor to check if changes are needed to your medicines during extreme heat

  • Storing medicines safely at the recommended temperature.

  • Checking that your fan or air-conditioner works well. Have your air-conditioner serviced if necessary

  • Looking at the things you can do to make your home cooler such as installing window coverings, shade cloths or external blinds on the sides of the house facing the sun

How you can help others in extreme heat:

  • Check on and help other people who may be at a higher risk of heat-related illness

  • Keep in touch with sick or frail friends and family

  • Call them at least once on any extreme heat day

  • Encourage them to drink plenty of water

  • Offer to help family, friends and neighbours who are aged over 65 or have an illness by doing shopping or other errands so they can avoid the heat.

  • Take them somewhere cool for the day or have them stay the night if they are unable to stay cool in their home (NB Depending on current Covid guidelines)

  • If you observe symptoms of heat-related illness, seek medical help

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