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Stories untold.

Do you have medals and wartime memorabilia? What do they signify for you?

Here, in tribute to the people who serve for their country and our futures, is a poem written and performed by Margaret Mackay, Age in Spain committee member and Friendline volunteer.

Stories Untold

by Margaret Mackay

He kept them in his sock draw, sealed by a navy lid

In orderly ranks they lay, still. Waiting

For no-one heard of the troubles

Let’s not go there, he said.

He stored the glory of sunlight, there in his daughter’s face

In reels of circles she ran, on. Playing

As he watched the sway of her arms

Let’s talk about that, he said.

The medals sit on our bookshelf, stacked in stories untold

Of letters and stars on striped ribbons. Holding

Out the gifts of service he gave

Feel the spirit of the air, he said.


Before you go: can you support our Friendline Service ?

Margaret is one of our thirty Friendline volunteers who make a regular weekly call to an older person. This way we help isolated older people to develop new Friendships and the opportunity to share their experiences and memories.

To make this happen - we need you.

Your donation of just €7 per month will enable us to provide this vital service to a new Friendline member, with a call every single week. Can you help?

Thank you.

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