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Tracking the Status of a residency application

If you still haven't been able to check the status of your application, you can do so by using one of the following methods. You can track any residency application using the following methods.


You can track the status of your application through this website. If you are using the website, scroll to the bottom of the landing page, and click on the button at the bottom (Acceso de procedimiento de consultar). Then select the "Consultar con Formulario" (unless you already have a clave), when you reach the next page. Then, fill in the three boxes (NIE, date that you submitted your documents and your date of birth), followed by the "Consultar" button at the bottom.

If you don't have an NIE, you can select the green text above the box " Si no conoce su NIE, puede realizar la consulta directamente con su número de expediente." and enter your Numero de Expediente and the other requested information.

If the website does not bring up any information for you, we suggest you try one of the following methods to see if any results are available. If you still cannot find any results, we suggest you consult your local extranjeria office, or Spanish consulate if you are applying for a visa, for more information.

SMS Tracking

You can send an SMS to the following number: 600124377 (the SMS is free of charge). The SMS should contain the word "NIE" and your NIE number (e.g. NIE X00000111L). Keep in mind you need to leave a space between "NIE" and your actual NIE number.

If you do not have a NIE, you can still use this system and check your application with the Nº de expediente. The SMS should contain the word "EXPE" followed by a space and your expediente number (e.g. EXPE 280020101234567). The Nº de expediente should have exactly 15 characters.

Automated Phone Service

You can also check the status of your application by calling to 902 02 22 22, and following the audio instructions.

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